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 "I ran into a problem with a computer that was out of warranty and with parts that were tricky to find, but I was pleased that Kevin was able to find the part and complete the fix faster than if I sent it in to the manufacturer."

Justin O.
(Lyons, NY)


My wife and i had been looking for someone we could trust to help us with some of our computer issues. We wanted to find someone who was trustworthy, dependable and local. Kevin was able to help us with our computers with varying repairs required. Kevin was helpful too in just helping us through our limited knowledge of computers. When all was said and done, Kevin had all our computers up and running at a reasonable price and on time, not to mention his curbside delivery service right to our home. 

I appreciate Kevin's service in our community and would highly recommend him for any and all of your computer concerns.

Barry & Lou D
(Newark, NY)


I really appreciated your hard work on my laser printer last fall. You worked very hard trying to correct the problems it had. When you fixed one, another one popped up and unfortunately it just could not be fixed. Not only was I impressed with your dedication to the work, but you apologized for not being able to fix it and even gave me back the money that I had paid you without me even asking for it. In my book, that makes you a rare commodity these days: someone who not only takes pride in your work, but is honest also. We need more people like you in the business world. Thanks again.

John K.
(Lyons, NY)


I have had a couple of chances to use Kevin's services I was satisfied with both jobs that he did for me. I thought his prices were fair and timely done.I would definitely use his services again. 

Judy C.
(Waterloo NY)


My only contact with Kevin was very positive. He was on time, helpful, efficient and did some teaching which I really appreciated. He was able to trouble shoot my computer problem easily.

Anne R.
(Newark, NY)


Kevin fixed my computer a few times. The first time he set up Ubuntu for me. I had no idea what that even was at first, but Kevin walked me through the program step by step to ensure I knew how to use my computer. It ran great for a couple months but then I broke it again... So he took it and installed Windows 10 and I haven't had any Issues since. Kevin is my tech guy, anytime I have a problem he's just a phone call Away and gets it fixed asap.

Brittany B.
(Geneva, NY)


I asked Kevin to put a new plug in my computer, he said he would... He was very pleasant to talk to and understand. He also sent me updates and prices to confirm as he went along. Good customer service at a good price. Thanks Kevin!

Terri S.
(Newark, NY)


Kevin helped me reconnect our Wi Fi. Kevin is very knowledgable, and I won't hesitate to contact him again with any issues I may have. Thanks Kevin

Tim B.
(Newark, NY)


Thank you for your prompt response. Didn't think it would be done as fast as it was and it didn't cost us a fortune thank you so much works great.

Caroline G.
(Lyons, NY)


Kevin does excellent work and does it in a timely fashion. I recommend his services.

Dewey L.
(Lawrenceville, PA)


My computer wasn't working and I wanted to find out if it was worth fixing. All other places I called charged at least $75 just to look at it. Kevin only charged $20 for a diagnostic fee and fixed my computer, updated Windows, and installed antivirus all for the cost of getting it checked somewhere else. I could not be more pleased.

Rich L.
(Lyons, NY)


For nearly two years, our network failed to operate in one way or another. Service calls would solve one problem, only to reveal new ones some time later. Then we switched to ShanleyTech. Kevin came in, restructured the network, and now every computer and every device works like it should. Full functionality is priceless.


Kirk B.
(Newark, NY)